How proxy sites help 3rd word countries

There was an analysis made about how some do not actually have unfiltered internet. Imagine sitting in front of your computer and attempting to go on a site like YouTube and not being able to watch your favorite video. That is the reality some people face in their countries. So there is a site called that allows you to use the proxy sites their setup so you can access the internet via their server. The just use a php script that tunnels all of the traffic. If free because of the ad revenue they make. Some of the nicer websites offer SSL or HTTPS with encrypts all of the traffic which is really good because you don’t want anyone spying on your internet activity.

How proxy sites work
Your average proxy site basically is a one page with a url field. This is where you type the url you would like to visit. Next you hit got and the web page will appear. You can actually browse the page just as it you were accessing it normally. Some of the on page features may not work correctly. But from what we have seen most of the page works just fine. Go over to the site above and try one out!

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